Protecting your back and neck from pains

The build of the human body is marvelous, isn’t it? Think of the spine, so strong and yet so flexible, it also serves one very important function, i.e., protection of the spinal cord. Just like an empire suffers when the emperor dies, you will come to realize how important it is once you start to have problems with it. And the chances of developing spinal problems – in the forms of back and neck pains – are very high. A headache is the only health problem more common than neck and back pain;

However, there is a silver lining behind these data, that there are ways of preventing and protecting your back and neck from pains. Here is a list to show you how to protect your back and neck from pains.

Protecting your back and neck from pains


dfdsfsdfsdhfghfghThe overall health of your body is an important factor in developing or preventing back and neck pains. Developing core muscle strength is a good start in protecting your back and neck from pains. There are specific exercises recommended for this purpose; however, you may not always find time to practice these. If so, regular exercises also help, which means the normal exercising advice of taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and moving around on foot instead of vehicles, and such other advice hold true here, too. Stretching is a good practice you can do in the workplace.


One of the most common causes of back and neck pains is sitting in a wrong posture for long periods of time. This is especially common in those who work with computers. Invest in ergonomic chair and desk suitable and comfortable for you. Your back should be flat against the back of your chair, and your feet should rest comfortably on the floor. Adjust your monitor at your eye level so that you don’t have to look down to see it.

Mattresses and pillows

fgfdgdfgdfggfdgThis is an important and often overlooked factor. You should have good-quality mattresses and pillows that you can sleep comfortably on. Look for a mattress that has the ideal hardness or softness to support the natural curves of your body. If you often wake up with neck pains or strain in your lower back, you should try different mattresses and pillows. There are even ergonomic mattresses and pillows in the market these days; but, if you don’t already have problems, there is no reason why a carefully chosen mattress and pillows wouldn’t do the job.

Lifting weight

One more common factor causing back and neck pains are carrying a heavy load on one side of the body. This can cause strains on the muscles along the neck spine, soon leading to bigger problems. The best measure is to lighten your load; even though this may not be an option for many, in which case you can try to find a way to balance the load out evenly. If you have to carry a heavy briefcase for a long distance on the way to your work, try dividing the weight evenly by using a rucksack, or maybe dividing the load into two lighter pieces.


fdgdfgfdgdfggDrinking lots of water help by hydrating the discs, mostly made up of water, in between your vertebrae. Pains caused by slipped, torn or worn-out discs can cripple you. Hydration makes them strong, resist wear and tear, and also offer support. Seeing how big a problem it can cause for a person, you may almost think that drinking water is too simple and easy for the prevention of such pain.